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LED Hand Showers

Hand showers that light up with the flow of water. No batteries... Pure magic! Plus, save up to 30% on water while showering in style.

LED Hand Shower Model RAINBOW

This LED hand shower is the newest model in our line-up. It features particularly stylish light effects, as well as a very unique industrial design.

The light effect alternates 7 different colors in progressive, subtle changes. We call this the 'Zen' effect, for the calm and serenity that it projects. As a side note, you can now find the Zen effect implemented within a number of other LED products from La Douchette Magique.

Furthermore, special attention has been given to the looks of the shower head. Its semi-opaque design boasts a magnificent blue lagoon color when at rest, yet lets the light effects fully come through when in function.

LED Hand Shower Model NEON

This LED hand shower model 'NEON' boasts a unique pen-style design, with a frosted body finish, that will nicely complement modern bathroom styles.

The hand shower lights up automatically with the incoming flow of water, filling the shower stall with colorful yet soft light. The light colors vary with the water temperature, a good help to prevent scalding risks for young children. The fan-like jet is very comfortable and covers a large area. The handle of the shower provides excellent grip.

The shower body can easily be opened for thorough cleaning. In addition, thanks to its hollow body shape, this shower is compatible with the use of purifying shower balls.

With La Douchette Magique, combine the useful, the beautiful, and the enjoyable!