About us

Since 2012, La Douchette Magique is the leading brand of LED showers and other original accessories for the bathroom.

We are a family-owned and operated company based in the region of Alsace, France. We pride ourselves with offering products that are original in their designs and functions, with uncompromising quality and reliability.

Our history so far has been punctuated by continuous and successful product innovations:

  • 2012 - Recognizing the potential of LED technology for home decor design applications, we bring the first LED hand shower to market, followed by the first LED faucet aerator.
  • 2013 - La Douchette Magique becomes a flagship brand following broad retail distribution by Kingfisher/Castorama.
  • 2014 - We bring to market a line of decorated shower hoses, followed by our best-selling Duocolor hose, a never-seen-before thermochromic shower hose that changes colors according to the water temperature.
  • 2015 - We introduce the first LED shower hose on the market.
  • 2016 - Our third-generation LED faucet aerator is the tiniest in the world, with a total height of only one inch (25mm).
  • 2018 - Our latest LED hand shower boast a semi-translucent head, which lets the light through while concealing all internal parts, a step forward on the design front.

Our products are tested to meet or exceed the highest production standards in the areas of of sanitary compliance, mechanical, thermal, and barometric resilience, and where appropriate, electromagnetic compatibility (see: our commitments - product quality).

Today our products can be found in a number of different stores, including the main DIY retail chains.