Questions on Products

Is minimum water pressure required for the LED showers to light up?

Our LED showers automatically produce light with a minimum pressure of 1.5bar, suitable with most sanitary facilities. Indeed, the public network typically delivers water with pressure of around 3bar. Facilities with less than 1.5bar are rare, as low pressures, which could sometimes be found in tall building, are generally corrected with the help of pressure boosters.

Is it possible to use a LED shower and a LED shower hose together in the same shower?

We do not recommend connecting both a LED hand shower and a LED shower hose on the same shower. Depending on your sanitary facility, the water pressure may not be sufficient to allow proper lighting of both elements.

Are your showers compatible with mineral balls?

Although it is not its primary use, our LED shower model NEON (art. DM-08T) has a hollow body that can be filled with mineral balls, or eco-thermal beads, for water cleaning, softening or purification purposes, and whose refills can commonly be found in numerous stores. Note that the use of opaque mineral beads in the body of the shower will likely hinder the light function.

Can I install one of your LED faucet lights on a sink faucet with 22mm diameter and external thread?

All of our LED faucet lights are designed to be installed directly on 24mm faucets with internal thread. Nevertheless, it is possible to install them on other types of faucets, with the use of an adapter (ring), which you can find in specialized stores or on the internet. For installation on a 22mm, external thread faucet, you will need a F22 to F24 adapter ring.

I installed your LED faucet light on my faucet but I now see a leak coming from the top of the faucet light. What can I do?

ABS-based faucet lights are by nature not completely impervious to leak problems. Leaks can occur when the faucet thread is not perfect, with use and age as common reasons for the blunting of the thread. Our last-generation LED faucet lights (NANO model) fight leak problems more effectively, thanks to their factory-installed, dual o-ring systems. But in case the problem persists, we recommend that you add a few wraps of Teflon tape on the thread of the faucet light before installing it. Teflon tapes are easily found in the plumbing department of DIY stores or online and are minimally expensive.

Questions on Orders

Do you continue honoring orders during the health crisis?

Our online shop remains open without limitation, however deliveries remain subject to our carriers’ situations: additional delays, or interruptions of service, may be encountered, and sanitary protocols may be put in place.

Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately we do not accept phone orders, all orders must be placed on our website at www.ladouchettemagique.com.

I prefer shopping in-store. Where to find products from La Douchette Magique?

For the moment, our products can be found in select stores of major DIY retailers in France: Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Bricorama, Mr Bricolage.

I buy from outside France but not all transport options seem to be available, please clarify?

For deliveries we mainly use the services of Colissimo (home delivery) and Mondial Relay (relay point or home delivery). Depending on your country of delivery, delivery in relay points, or at home, or both, is not always offered by the Mondial Relay service. Our online store automatically lists the options available during the checkout process. Please note, in the case of multiple delivery options, we preselect the least expensive by default.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, a "gift wrap” option, with optional message for the recipient of the gift, is proposed when validating the basket. Also please note that we do not include invoices within packages.

I am a distributor, do you offer price lists for professionals?

We are open to any collaboration! Please do not hesitate to send us a message via the contact form.