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For the Shower

Smart and peppy shower accessories to start the day off on the right foot!

LED Hand Shower 'L'Originale'

Meet the original hand shower that once defined the brand! Its unique, recognizable style combines a direct light effect and a see-through light effect around the edges of the shower head, the latter also visible from its back.

This model represents the third generation of our best-selling model, originally launched in 2012. It has been oftentimes copied, but never matched, as its performance and durability remain on top of the pack. That is also why we are able to offer a full 24-month warranty on this product. So please, demand the original quality only offered by La Douchette Magique!

LED Hand Shower Model RAINBOW

This LED hand shower is the newest model in our line-up. It features particularly stylish light effects, as well as a very unique industrial design.

The light effect alternates 7 different colors in progressive, subtle changes. We call this the 'Zen' effect, for the calm and serenity that it projects. As a side note, you can now find the Zen effect implemented within a number of other LED products from La Douchette Magique.

Furthermore, special attention has been given to the looks of the shower head. Its semi-opaque design boasts a magnificent blue lagoon color when at rest, yet lets the light effects fully come through when in function.

LED Hand Shower Model NEON

This LED hand shower model 'NEON' boasts a unique pen-style design, with a frosted body finish, that will nicely complement modern bathroom styles.

The hand shower lights up automatically with the incoming flow of water, filling the shower stall with colorful yet soft light. The light colors vary with the water temperature, a good help to prevent scalding risks for young children. The fan-like jet is very comfortable and covers a large area. The handle of the shower provides excellent grip.

The shower body can easily be opened for thorough cleaning. In addition, thanks to its hollow body shape, this shower is compatible with the use of purifying shower balls.

With La Douchette Magique, combine the useful, the beautiful, and the enjoyable!

Confort Hand Shower Model GRILLE METAL

Ready for some delightful sensations? This hand shower provides unparalleled comfort, thanks to its 171 jets springing from the metal head plate's 0.35mm precision-machined nozzles. The result is a soothing rain of ultra-tiny water droplets that will leave your skin asking for more!

In addition, this system raises the water pressure out of the shower chamber and consumes less water overall, enabling up to 30% water savings.

And because this hand shower has been designed with reliability and durability in mind, we are able to offer a product warranty of 10 years on it!

LED Shower Head Model ZEN

Our award-winning shower head model Zen will easily find its place in your shower stall, with its modern design with slightly rounded edges, black and chrome dual-material finish, and ultra-thin section!

In function, the shower head will fill the shower room with nice and soft colorful light, each of the 12 LED lights displaying different colors that slowly evolve to the next in a gradual, perpetual way. We call this effect the 'Zen' effect.

With each shower, let yourself slip into a sensuous wave of beauty and serenity!

€36.63 €41.63
Extensible Shower Head Model STAR

The Shower head model Star was especially designed for maximum shower comfort. First, it boasts a big number of nozzles (141 in total) with especially studied placement to drop the water where it is most useful. But its main originality comes from a unique expansion ability: with a simple pull of its arms, the shower head can be expanded up to 30cm in diameter, thus maximizing body coverage of the rainfall, for a more complete and fulfilling shower experience. Custom shower head for custom comfort!

LED Shower Hose

A major innovation for the bathroom world, let us introduce the first shower hose that lights up automatically as the water flows through it. What is more, it works only with water power... no battery or external power source!

The light effect thus created, a perpetual wave of blue light running all along the shower hose, is both stunning and mesmerizing. Check it out for yourself in the below video!

Shower Hose Model Duocolor

Our Duocolor shower hose is the first shower hose that automatically changes colors when water is warm! A fun and useful concept, made possible with the integration of a thermochromic, food-grade coating in the external layer of the hose. The result is an exclusive design effect that will thrill the whole family!