LED Faucet Model MINI
  • LED Faucet Model MINI
  • LED Faucet Model MINI
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  • LED Faucet Model MINI -pack


LED Faucet Model MINI

This tiny (only 30mm) LED faucet aerator projects light towards the sink, creating a nice, indirect light effect that will fill the entire bathroom (or toilet room). The light color changes with the temperature of the water, giving warning when the water is very hot. In addition, the integrated flow rate limiter allows you to save up to 30% in water without compromise in effectiveness.
Use this LED aerator as a great home decor object, or give it as an original gift to your best friends!

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LED faucet aerator, with light colors changing with the water temperature.

  • Light 3 colors varying with the water temperature: <30°C = blue, 30-45°C = green, >45°C = red
  • Light beams towards the sink
  • Tonic water jet
  • No battery required, works only with the water pressure thanks to its integrated hydrogenerator
  • Allows up to 30% water savings thanks to its integrated flow limiter
  • Silent operation
  • M24 connector makes it easy to mount on a standard, 24mm diameter faucet with internal threading


  • Product number: MM-12T
  • Material: Chromed ABS
  • Dimensions: 34 x 24mm
  • Dimensions (mounted): H 30 x D 24mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Certifications: CE, REACH, RoHS, ACS