LED faucet aerator NANO
  • LED faucet aerator NANO
  • LED faucet aerator NANO
  • LED faucet aerator NANO
  • LED faucet aerator NANO -pack
  • LED faucet aerator NANO -pack


LED Faucet Aerator Model NANO

Our last-generation NANO LED faucet aerator is the tiniest available in the market today! Less than one inch tall, it will discreetly and nicely complement any standard sink faucet in the house. Despite its small size, it features a high-quality aerator piece that provides a soft, airy and comfortable jet, and includes a water flow limiter that will make you save up to 30% water without compromise on the faucet effectiveness. But our NANO LED aerator is most recognized for its unique light effect, a slow, progressive and automated variation of 7 colors of light ('Zen' technology). Check it out!

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LED faucet aerator, light 7 colors with 'Zen' effect.

  • Light effect 7 colors changing progressively and automatically ('Zen' technology)
  • Light beams towards the sink
  • Soft and airy water jet
  • No battery required, works only with the water pressure thanks to its integrated hydrogenerator
  • Allows up to 30% water savings thanks to its integrated flow limiter
  • Extremely tiny, only one inch in height
  • Silent operation
  • M24 connector makes it easy to mount on a standard, 24mm diameter faucet with internal threading


  • Product number: MM-17RPLUS
  • Material: Chromed ABS
  • Dimensions: 30 x 24mm
  • Dimensions (mounted): H 25 x D 24mm
  • Weight: 14g
  • Certifications: CE, REACH, RoHS, ACS